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The Time Is Now

From time to time I think about things that I could have done differently.  If I could actually go back in time, I’d probably go back to the start of my freshman year in college  — my first experience of independence away from my parents.  As I’m thinking about this I’m planning out things (in my mind) that I could change so that my present circumstances would be better.  Then I come back, realizing that the time is now! Whose to say that if I “tweaked” something in my past, my present would be better.

Sometimes it can be difficult to do something to bring about a new change — a positive one.  This might be true if you’re “punishing” yourself for mistakes that you made in the past. Or, perhaps you’re doubting your ability.  Further compounding the situation, others may be discouraging you with their words of poison. The fact of the matter is that you can do something different.  You can improve your current situation.  Just begin by making up your mind to do so.

Instead of spending time “dreaming backwards” (wishful thinking of changing your past), you can choose to focus on what you can do right now. Choose to focus on what you can do to bring about success for your future.  You can plan.  You can learn a new subject.  You can meet people who share a common interest. You can get better with time.

The time is now.  The choice is yours.

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