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Take It Easy

We’ve all had one of those days when you’re rushing to do everything. You know, the day when your alarm doesn’t go off.  You arrive at a scheduled appointment 13 minutes late.  Every traffic light is red. Everything just seems to be out of sync.  

The last day that I experienced this, as I was speeding out of my neighborhood, I saw a turtle slowly walking across the road. My very first thought was, “really?!!”  Could this really be happening to me today?  Then I thought, perhaps this is the universe telling me to slow down, to take it easy. 

When I rush or when I’m in a hurry, I’m not operating at my best.  Little by little I’ve somehow allowed myself to veer off the path –away from my schedule.  For me this means that at some point I’ll have to redo some things. What I’ve learned from this experience is that I’ve got to pace myself.  I have to bring it back to a rhythm and flow that works well for me.

So, whenever I have one of those days when things aren’t flowing quite right, I think of that turtle crawling at its own pace across the street, stop, take a deep breath,  and accept it as a reminder to take it easy.

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