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Rest Is Good

Some years ago, I recall taking a nap after work.  It was the sole thing that I looked forward to after a day at work.  I would sleep for about an hour, get up refreshed, and prepare dinner.  I was single then  —  no husband, no children.  It was all about me.  It felt so good!

I met a friend in the neighborhood where  I was living.  On a regular basis she would come over to my place for company  —  you know, to have someone to talk to.  Sometimes she would come over when I was taking my rest.  She would become upset because during those times I was unavailable.  And she started calling me sleeping beauty!  It bothered me at first because she made it seem as if I was wasting away time.  When in fact,  she didn’t like it because I wasn’t available to her when she wanted me to be.  I kept my time for rest to be sacred. 

Fast forward   —   I’ve had relationships, I’ve been married and divorced, and experienced the loss of loved ones.  I also have two beautiful children who keep me alive!  But for some reason, I couldn’t seem to find that quiet time to rest.  That quiet time that’s all my own seemed to have just disappeared.

I still believe that rest is very necessary.  We must take time for ourselves to become rejuvenated.  Time to replenish our soul, our spirit, our being.  We must take this time so that we can optimize our abilities, so that we can do our best, so that we can take the good within us and share with others!  We must and we can!

I realized what happened.  It’s not that I didn’t have the time.  I stopped taking the time.  I allowed myself to become less important  —  in my very own life

So today I choose to love myself, to care for myself, to take some rest  —   for myselfRest is good.

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    Hi Rita, I agree with you that we all need a rest. I community on subway every day. I feel grateful for this way of transportation, because I get to rest, recharge, once I get home, I am more energized going to gym, make dinner and work at night.