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New Beginnings

“Every end is a new beginning.”  ~Proverb

Summer break is winding down. My children and I had a very relaxing summer just being together and allowing the days to unfold as they arrived.  It was good.  As the time for school  nears, I find myself getting excited in anticipation for it!  No, not because the kids will be away to school again but, because it takes me back to my days as a child returning to school after a summer break.

 Reflecting on those times, I remember being happy! The season was about to change.  There was a light and crisp breeze bringing in autumn.  We were getting ready for “sweater weather”, heading out to the football games, and seeing friends I had missed over the summer. Those feelings of joy and excitement haven’t left me.  Just thinking about it now puts a smile on my face.

 I had been preparing my children for this day – the start of the new school year.  We went shopping for school supplies and new clothes.  We had many talks about what their goals for this school year would be.  We took some time to reflect on the past school year to discuss some things they would like to change and others we see a need to improve. And, of course I encouraged them along the way to expand their view and to always be receptive to learning something new.

 As I have these talks with my children, or as my son says, “mini lectures”, I pause and think about my life and beginnings for me. I decided that I can continue to use this time in the year as a starting point for me. It’s the new school year. My children are returning to school.  I’m excited for them and I can also be excited for new beginnings for me and my life.

 I can use this time to reexamine goals that I set for myself.  I can evaluate those goals to determine if they are still pertinent for this time in my life. I may choose to do away with something or add something new.  I may even target a specific behavior I would like to improve or I can learn a new skill. 

 The end of a season or time in our lives is an opportunity to transition to a new phase.  Summer is winding down.  This season is coming to an end.  And I anticipate a wonderful new beginning to follow.

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