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“Love you!”

From time to time when ending conversations I say, “Love you!”  And of course, this happens when I have a conversation with people I consider to be — loved ones.  This practice wasn’t something that I commonly did.  It was something that kind of grew on me.

I recall speaking on the phone to a relative.  When the conversation ended he said, “Love you.”  I responded by saying, “Okay.”  It was obvious that he was bothered by my response because he then asked, “Is that all you’re going to say?” 

At another time I heard my daughter ending one of her phone conversations expressing, “love you.”  I asked her about it because I was curious to know who it was and why this person was so special that she would express “love you”.  Her explanation:  “Oh that’s just something that we say.” She also went on to explain that that person had started saying “love you” to her first and she just followed in kind.

So, I’m wondering…do we say it because we’re expressing genuine love?  Are we saying it because it sounds like the right thing to say? Are we saying it because it’s what people expect to hear?

I  believe love is beautiful. Love flows effortlessly. Love can be expressed with words, buts speaks volumes when shown through your actions.  Think about this the next time you say, “love you” to someone.

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