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Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother used to say to me, “pray for wings and feathers will grow”. It was her way of telling me to be encouraged, to have faith, to believe. There were many times as a young girl that I just did not make the connection. I remember asking, “Why are you telling me this?” And with a kind smile and soft tone she said to me, “In time you will understand”.

Today, as a woman and mother, I reflect on all the wonderful life lessons my Mother taught me. I’m reflecting on the times that she chastised me, protected me, loved and prayed for me. Oh, I miss her so! And although she’s not here with me on earth, her spirit lives within me and now in the lives of my children. I am so grateful to God for allowing such a beautiful woman to be My Mother!

Have a lovely Mother’s Day! Pray for wings and feathers will grow!

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    Happy Mother's Day