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Are You Really Taking Care of Yourself?

So often we tell each other,  in closing a conversation to, “take care”.  It just flows out when speaking with someone.  It just seems like a natural and kind thing to say.  But, what are we saying when we say it?

The definition of care is to make provision for or look out for.  As women, we are naturally nurturing and caring towards our children, our mates and other loved ones.  We make sacrifices and do what is necessary to meet their needs.  And sometimes while doing so, we’ve neglected “taking care” of ourselves.

Three categories come to mind when I think of caring for myself.  That is, am I caring for myself psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically?

Psychologically  —  Do I have an understanding of where I am in my life right now ?  Am I able to show compassion? Do I trust myself to make good choices? Is my self-esteem and self confidence aligned with that trust? Am I allowing companionship to lift and enlighten my life?

Emotionally  — Do I feel loved? Do I feel safe or secure?  Have I accomplished anything of significance? Is my existence significant?

Physiologically  —  Do I choose foods that are nurturing to me and promote wellness within? Does my lifestyle include a regular exercise regimen?

There are so many actions that we can take when caring for ourselves.  Some of these actions come naturally.  And there are those times when we must take deliberate action to make sure that our needs are met.

How are you taking care of yourself?  Please leave a comment and share with me the many ways that we can embrace ourselves with loving care.  Take care!

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