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Accepting Responsibility

Some time ago I had a talk with my daughter about “accepting responsibilty”. You see, she had engaged in some behaviors that simply were not becoming. I had to confront her about it. And as usual, she said to me, “But she did this, and he said that, and they made me do it”. Oh really? Did the devil really make you do it?

So often when a problem arises we look outside of ourselves to lay blame. When this happens – we’ve given power over ourselves to someone else. Power over our feelings, our thinking, our behaviors… When actually we are the ones who consciously or subconsciously make decisions that drive what we do. Ultimately we can make different decisions and better choices that can lead to positive outcomes.

I challenged my daughter to take a stand to choose something good for herself.

And now I challenge you…Don’t tell me the dog ate your homework. Instead, tell me you carefully placed your work in a place where the dog couldn’t get to it…Think about it.

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