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New Beginnings

“Every end is a new beginning.”  ~Proverb Summer break is winding down. My children and I had a very relaxing summer just being together and allowing the days to unfold as they arrived.  It was good.  As the time for school  nears, I find myself getting excited in anticipation for it!  No, not because the […]

Take It Easy

We’ve all had one of those days when you’re rushing to do everything. You know, the day when your alarm doesn’t go off.  You arrive at a scheduled appointment 13 minutes late.  Every traffic light is red. Everything just seems to be out of sync.   The last day that I experienced this, as I was speeding out of my […]

Recharge! Refuel!

Have you ever started a new project with passion and excitement?  You wake up each day eager to work your plan — step by step towards your goal.  Then, somehow things come to a screeching halt.  You look ahead and see that you’ve hit a wall. When this happens, it’s your opportunity to recharge and refuel.  […]