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Rest Is Good

Rest Is Good

Some years ago, I recall taking a nap after work.  It was the sole thing that I looked forward to after a day at work.  I would sleep for about an hour, get up refreshed, and prepare dinner.  I was single then  —  no husband, no children.  It was all about me.  It felt so […]

Are You Really Taking Care of Yourself?

So often we tell each other,  in closing a conversation to, “take care”.  It just flows out when speaking with someone.  It just seems like a natural and kind thing to say.  But, what are we saying when we say it? The definition of care is to make provision for or look out for.  As women, […]

Can’t Seem To Get It All Done?

Some days I feel like I’m spinning my wheels  —  nothing is being checked off my “to do” list. And when this happens I become so frustrated!  I then begin wishing that I had more hours in a day. If I had 6-8 hours more to my day, I could get so many things done. To […]

Beauty Product Dangers

Many women use numerous beauty products throughout the course of a day. Lip gloss, anti-wrinkle creams,  powder foundation, to name a few. To some, these products are essential — “a girl’s best friend”.  But, did you know that they may contain harmful ingredients? Read more here:

“Love you!”

From time to time when ending conversations I say, “Love you!”  And of course, this happens when I have a conversation with people I consider to be — loved ones.  This practice wasn’t something that I commonly did.  It was something that kind of grew on me. I recall speaking on the phone to a relative.  When the […]