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Accepting Responsibility

Some time ago I had a talk with my daughter about “accepting responsibilty”. You see, she had engaged in some behaviors that simply were not becoming. I had to confront her about it. And as usual, she said to me, “But she did this, and he said that, and they made me do it”. Oh […]

The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

From time to time I think about things that I could have done differently.  If I could actually go back in time, I’d probably go back to the start of my freshman year in college  — my first experience of independence away from my parents.  As I’m thinking about this I’m planning out things (in my mind) that I could […]

Try Some Laughter

Have you ever been feeling down in the dumps and couldn’t seem to shake it? Sometimes one negative thought can lead you to a downward spiral of despair.  You may become so overwhelmed and heavy laden that you can’t see past it.   Well, you can stop that chain reaction by replacing those thoughts with ones that […]

Is Your New Underwear Clean?

In retail stores across the country, women are trying on underwear without any type of “guard or protection”. This practice can lead to negative consequences to your health. Click on the link below to learn more.

5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise

5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Starting a physical fitness program and staying with it can be challenging at times.  Here are  five tips to help you stay the course: Set a Goal.  Be specific about what you will be doing and make sure that it is “attainable” – something that you can reach. Make it fun!  Include activities that you […]

Who’s In Your Circle?

My Brother very often says, “If you’re the smartest person in your circle, it’s time to make a shift.”  I enjoy having conversations with him because he shares information that provokes thought. I like that! The point that he makes with that comment speaks to how we can learn from others as well as how we can teach […]

Take Care of Your Heart

When I first learned that heart disease is the number one cause of death in women, I was stunned!  I had no idea! It caused me to take a closer look at my behaviors and how those behaviors may put me at risk. I then began researching to learn more. The American Heart Association reports that more […]

Women’s Health Month

As I mature and grow older, I think more about things that I can do to improve my health. The phrase, “you are what you eat” can be applied to various aspects of our lives. It can be aligned with emotional fitness, psychological fitness, as well as physical fitness. In short, what we put in will directly effect […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother used to say to me, “pray for wings and feathers will grow”. It was her way of telling me to be encouraged, to have faith, to believe. There were many times as a young girl that I just did not make the connection. I remember asking, “Why are you telling me this?” And […]